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Hey, I'm Nicky Booton.  After more than 23 years of working in the NHS, I'm using the training and skills from my career and beyond, as well as personal experience of working through self-esteem and mental health challenges, to help other women who've faced adversity achieve empowerment and high self-esteem.




Most people who contact me start from a place of mental ill-health on some level.

"Unhappy", "lost", "trapped" - all words which crop up when I ask people to tell me what's brought them to me.

My clients often begin working with me when they feel trapped in a world they don't feel comfortable in, or that they simply don't like.

"Overwhelmed" is often the next word people use to describe how they feel, because they've just got no idea where to begin to try and change anything.

Charities like Mind say that although mental health problems aren't becoming more frequent, we need to change and improve how we deal with them.  We need to be proactive in looking after our mental health, just as we do our physical health. 


In my experience, we all put so much pressure on ourselves.  We've all got visions of our ideal family life, career aspirations, personal goals etc. , and, however they look for us personally, we have the external pressure of social media which (while it has the power to be hugely positive and inspiring) can create this false image of "the perfect lives of others".  We feel bad if we can't keep up. 


As a coach, my work is focused around finding out what's really important to YOU, and helping you re-train your conscious (and unconscious) mind.  I help you achieve clarity, balance, and real, genuine happiness - to the point where your dreams actually become your reality.

Whether or not you've suffered mental ill-health such as depression or anxiety; or if you're just trying to avoid it before you reach that point, coaching with me will boost your confidence and self-esteem, and help maintain your mental health, just as you try to care for your physical health.

        empowerment and
self-esteem coaching

My coaching style is intuitive and inspirational, with a truckload of real talk thrown in.  It isn't JUST about solving small, individual problems.  I help you to identify your priorities in your life, things you love, and how different aspects of your world fit together.  I see the bigger picture from all that you say, as well as what you don't say.  And I will definitely call you out on any bullsh*t you might be telling yourself.

Work with me, keep an open mind, and you will reach - and probably exceed - your own dreams, faster than you ever thought possible.  I'm gonna help you find your goosebumps n happy tears!

Nicky helped me through a very difficult part of my life. I was trying to ignore my mental health in pursuit of my career. Nicky helped me to concentrate on my health whilst managing my career path. Now six months on, I am not looking back. My mental health is stable and my career is beyond my expectations.

Jenny Lawrence

Thanks to Nicky, I was able to see life through clearer eyes.  She couldn't have come into my life at a better time.

I was low in mood, emotional and confused.  Through time, not once but countless times, Nicky was that constant support needed.  Never any prejudging, she was able to help me understand, and look at my life and my experiences in different ways, helping me to move on.

Health, work and life caused numerous tears, endless laughter and much deep thinking during our consultations.  Life now is so much better than I could ever have imagined.

Thank you Nicky

Jane Pearce

I have felt protected by Nicky and gradually independent.  She has opened up my own tool box, shown me I have strengths already, but which I have been struggling to access until now.  My time with Nicky has been instrumental in opening my eyes to my future, however I decide that will look.

I'm steadily learning to love myself.

Thank you Nicky.  You are amazing.

emily, hampshire

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